Our clients include:
NYU Medical Center
The U.S. Postal Service
Columbia University
Grand Central Terminal
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

HVAC Hygiene

In recent years, HVAC systems have become increasingly complex. Today, a high degree of expertise is crucial during each phase of the HVAC hygiene process to avoid costly mistakes. ATI technicians are trained to deal with the most sophisticated HVAC components, including heat-recovery systems, FDA-validated systems, and direct-digital-control (DDC) systems. ATI has developed a three-tiered strategy to ensure the ongoing health of HVAC systems, implemented by our NADCA-certified staff.

IAQ Evaluation
We conduct IAQ evaluations to identify existing problems, working in conjunction with industrial hygienists, mechanical engineers, HVAC maintenance companies and IAQ laboratories.

Mechanical Hygiene Inspection
Our MHI consists of a visual inspection by experienced professionals, coupled with photographic documentation and microbial sampling to determine if remediation is necessary.

Cleaning and Restoration
When remediation is required, ATI technicians clean the entire HVAC system. We sanitize, encapsulate, reinsulate when necessary, and provide photographic documentation of completed work.

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